About Us

Our journey began in 2014 as a small shop on Etsy. It was developed with the vision of creating character inspired tutus for women to wear while running in different races across the country. The concept was developed by shop owner Laeticia, who started running in 2010 as a way to strengthen her body in response to the rapid development of arthritis.

After a year of training, Laeticia entered into her first half marathon ever at Walt Disney World. She had such an amazing experience and was in awe of how many people dressed up as characters to participate in the event that she decided to open a small business to help others with their own special memories. Over time, customers of all types began purchasing tutus not just for running races but for birthday parties, bridal showers, breast cancer events, Halloween, photo ops, and just as a fun way to dress up during their Disney trips.

Over the years, the shop grew from a side business to a full time adventure. With a love for Disney and other amazing pop culture brands, the company restructured, became an LLC and started partnering with our favorite brands to bring them to our amazing customers. The mission of Happy Mile Style is to offer fun pop culture merch that will make you smile for miles and miles!